"Fascinating, a program that redesigns the way we tackle
modern social challenges"
Regional Academy on the United Nations

What is it?

The Social Innovation Management Program (SIMP) ® gathers 15 students, professors, volunteers, interns, project managers, staff and directors of NGOs and social enterprises, in an intensive training program aiming to rebuild our project with the best management, business and innovation tools available.

We break down our ideas and projects and we build them back brick by brick, reencountering ourselves, our core values, our efforts, challenging our good intentions and ideas with real scenarios.

Agenda 2018. Vienna, Austria.

What is it? 

We challenge your ideas, structure and good intentions with real scenarios, providing you with the best tools, methodologies and practices from the field in order to maximize your project efforts.

The Social Innovation Management Program (SIMP) ® provides a holistic approach to the social project management as well as the entrepreneurship challenges of a manager leading a social project. We focus on 3 aspects of every social leader: Soul, body and mind.

Why to join? 

1. We know the journey: Working in the field with dozens of social project allows us to understand your challenges: Lack of cash flow, tight budget, re-evaluating your values, expensive micromanagement, lack of clear goals and tasks, lack of common path, too many ideas, little time, team burn out, and more…  We take a critical look at the most common problems inside organizations and social initiatives, and build solutions using practical tools. 

2. Holistic approach.- Participants take part in structured workshops, talks, and discussions with mentors and renowned social entrepreneurs. We designed a full experience where every participant gets inspired, connect and empower themselves and other by breaking down and building back a project, confronting the theory and reality and how the leadership of a manager plays a key role.

3. Social Innovation Tool-Box.- Participants learn and incorporate into their project the most useful techniques of project management, business intelligence, innovation and the experience gathered from real social innovators. Read more about our Social Innovation Box. 

4. Real-time Crowdfunding.- 
At the end of your program, you will be part of our real-time crowd-funding event where you will have the chance to pitch and present your project to potential allies, clients, investors, etc.

5. Experience from the field.- SIMP ® is built and modeled on 5 years of experience and expertise working with social projects. You will get to know the models, processes, tools, strategies and the management of projects run in more than 8 countries across 4 continents.

5 years of experience in developed and developing economies, raising over € 350,000 Euros in 8 countries: e.g. Austria, Egypt, Kenya, Rwanda, Mexico, India, Vietnam, etc. 

6. Implementation.- At the end of the program, you will be able to boost your own project, maximize the efforts, improve your own and your project management, and get ready to raise quality impact investment or donors/clients. 

7. Join Social Innovation Hub.- Join the Social Innovation Hub Network of social innovators around the world.  Our programs generate more than € 100.000 a year, which go directly to scholarships, social organizations, social initiatives, communities and to the development of new programs with a direct impact on business creation, solving local problems and developing leaders in the political, business and social sector.

Check out the full agenda by downloading our full guide here

Location: Marxergasse 24/2, 1030. Vienna, Austria. 

Dates. 8 sessions on 4 weekends. Fridays (17:00 – 20:00) and Saturdays (09:00 – 12:00): 

FEBRUARY:  February 2nd – 24th, 2018. 

MARCH: March 2nd – 24th, 2018.

What is included in the program?

1. Certification as “Social Innovation Manager ®” by Social Innovation Hub.

2. 30 hours of training, activities and lectures.

3. Outstanding team, coffee, tea, fun and great atmosphere.

4. Our “Emerging Innovators” graduation party/event where you will have the chance to pitch your project and connect with potential donors, allies and funds in real time.

We are looking for the one who understands and loves entrepreneurial challenges, who has no fear of cultural gaps but wants to build bridges between them, who is aware of social challenges, who thinks global, who is committed and passionate about results, who brings answers before a problem,  who always thinks in solutions before complaints

1. Project Managers in the NGO sector

2. Social Entrepreneurs

3. Startups with plans to incorporate social impact

4. Development funds / public sector with social projects

5. Companies with corporate social responsibility (CSR) plans or projects

6. Researchers / Professors in the field of entrepreneurship and management

7. Students interested in social entrepreneurship

Program Fee: €90 Euros

Social Innovation Box (Work Material): €60 Euros 

Deadlines: You can apply until 4 days before the starting-day. 

Scholarships: Full and Partial Scholarships apply to: 

1. Social entrepreneurs.

2. Volunteers and interns in NGOs or developing agencies. 

3. Master or postgraduate students.

In order to apply for a scholarship, you just need to fill the application form accordingly. 

  • "Exciting and challenging, starting by asking the right questions" Laure (Rwanda)
  • "Sharing ideas and challenges with other social entrepreneurs is the best of this experience" Gabriel (Sweden)
  • "A wonderful experience that inspires you to find your personal values" Rochelle (Philippines)
  • "It's a life-change experience, your mentors will guide you professionally and personally" Monica (Mexico)
  • "Your passion for your project starts by asking the right and realistic questions, here you will learn it" Micheal (Uganda)