About Us 

We are an international non-profit organization aiming to inspire, connect and empower social initiatives around the world.

 Our Values 

Our values mean everything to us: Creativity, Imagination, Integrity, Efficiency, Passion, Humanity.

We align our values with the ones of our stakeholders in order to have the best impact possible.

 Our History 

Developing, trying, failing and trying again allowed us to understand the challenges of launching and running projects.

The idea of the Social Innovation Hub came up in 2013 when we realized a solution was needed to match countless good intentions with efficient and accessible tools to make them possible.

Our Motto:

Raise the next generation of global social innovators of valuable and human impact

 Our Dream Team

We have gathered a committed, professional and passionate team whose members complement each other. We call it the “dream team”.

 Our Director & Founder

With 8 years of entrepreneurship experience, 2 as professor and 2 as mentor and consultant, Roberto is a mix of constant creativity, brutal honesty, contagious passion and results driven person.